1970s Olympic by Premier Europa Twin Mahogany Duroplastic Drum Kit

1970s Olympic by Premier Europa Twin Mahogany Duroplastic Drum Kit

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From Olympic:

Europa Twin 1033B

Here is an outfit you can really get to work on. It's the biggest and most versatile outfit in the Olympic range - though you can of course keep adding to it with your own choice of additional drums, cymbals, and accessories to make it as impressive and personal as you like. This fully professional outfit is extremely popular throughout the world and has been designed to give you a lifetime's satisfaction. It contains all that is best in the Olympic range for more than just versatility; when you have adjusted it to you own ideal playing position you will be delighted with the power and with the way everything responds so easily to even the fastest and most dynamic playing. 

From Standard:

You can tell that Premier's quality wasn't drastically sacrificed for their more affordable Olympic drum line. The shells are quality, the finish is awesome, and the metal hardware lightweight but sturdy. The toms have slotted tension rods, and the bass drum has t handle rods. A few metal pieces are showing some rust, but function properly.  The wrap is in very good shape for it's age, there is a dent near the badge and post mount bracket on the top bass drum panel. There is a cymbal arm bracket on the bass drum, which might be an aftermarket addition. 

Sizes: 8x12, 9x13, 16x16, 14x22

Shells: Birch with Beech Reinforcement Rings

Finish: Mahogany Duroplastic 

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