George Hayman Black 12,16,20 Outfit

George Hayman Black 12,16,20 Outfit

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This is a good example of a classic player grade Hayman drum kit. The thin shells featuring Vibrasonic interior coating create a thunderous boom - attack and resonance combined.

This kit sounds great, and is an affordable way to get into a cool vintage British drum kit.

The original finish appears to have been removed and the shells painted black. The paint is scratched in various spots.

There are signs of pitting on hardware around the kit, and some scratches and rust.

Floor tom and bass drum brackets have some replacement screws to hold the eye bolt. They function, but not original.

Bass drum hoops are not original. Inlay is taped into channel, wrap inlay is loose and glued into place. One hoop has more faded silver sparkle inlay. Hoops appear to be steambent and the seam is coming loose on one of them. They appear to function okay, but not made very well.

Toms feature slotted tension rods. You will need a slotted drum key or you can use a flathead screwdriver. 

Floor tom legs and spurs are included and function, but may not be original, matching, and are pitted / rusty.

Sizes: 8"x12:", 14"x16", 13"x20"

Finish: Black Paint (refinished)

Shells: 4 Ply Cross Laminated Swedish Ply

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