Hayman 1970s Silver Ingot Recording Outfit

Hayman 1970s Silver Ingot Recording Outfit

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This is a great example of a classic Hayman drum kit, with small drum sizes. The thin shells featuring Vibrasonic interior coating create a thunderous boom - attack and resonance combined.

Vibrasonic coating is prone to splitting with time, this kit is no different. Most notable on the interior of the floor tom. It doesn't appear to have damaged the wooden shell, just the very think interior paint.

The 12" drum was added to the floor tom and bass drum from another set, so is a slightly different hue than the other drums.

There are signs of pitting on hardware around the kit, and some scratches and rust. 

Some seam lift on the wrap finish around the kit, mostly at the seams. Spots in wrap on floor tom and bass drum.

Bass drum hoops paint is chipping off in spots. 

Sizes: 8"x12:", 14"x14", 12"x18"

Finish: Silver Ingot

Shells: 4 Ply Cross Laminated Swedish Ply

Sold As Is

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