1970s Hayman Silver Ingot Big Sound Outfit

1970s Hayman Silver Ingot Big Sound Outfit

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This is a good example of a classic Hayman drum kit. The thin shells featuring Vibrasonic interior coating create a thunderous boom - attack and resonance combined.

Vibrasonic coating is prone to splitting with time, this kit doesn't suffer from this horribly, but there are spots with small splits on the interior coat, and some rust on some internal hardware components.

There are signs of pitting on hardware around the kit, what you might expect from an old drum set, and some scratches and rust, but overall one of the better Hayman kits we have had.

Bass drum hoops have some paint peeling off and some finish issues with the wrap inlays.

Toms feature slotted tension rods. You will need a slotted drum key or you can use a flathead screwdriver. 


Sizes: 9"x13", 16"x16", 14"x22"

13" Serial Number: 9989

16" Serial Number: 618401

22" Serial Number: 623238 

Finish: Silver Ingot

Shells: 4 Ply Cross Laminated Swedish Ply

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